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Passief Snoezelen

Snoezelen, passive and active in an ideal atmosphere

Passive and active snoezelen give people the peace and quiet and potential they need to express themselves in an ideal atmosphere and environment by using lighting effects and vibrations. The tactile, auditory and visual aspects are found in the products that are used mainly in the snoezel rooms: waterbeds with vibrating floors, water bubble columns built into a covered island, bean bags and wobble cushions in a room covered with floor mats, wall mats and wedge cushions.

Everything you need to snoezel away…

For the light and sound effects we mainly use mirror balls, SideGlo, projectors with effect and fluid wheels, spotlights, fluoline, blacklights and the vibrating floor accessories such as a controller and a microphone attached to the cassette deck, CD player and loudspeakers. Snoezelen is often associated with severe mental handicaps. But it has also proved its worth as a means of relaxation, communication and therapy for other groups such as psychiatric and psycho-geriatric patients, depression and coma patients, as well as those suffering from senile dementia and elderly people.

Actief Snoezelen

Playing with light, playing with forms

The basic concept of snoezelen can be cleverly but simply extended and expanded by using specific and additional snoezel materials and adapted play materials with accompanying furniture. To create an ideal atmosphere and environment, Handico applies specific lighting effects and colourful forms to enhance the visual, auditory and tactile aspects. The use of colourful lights such as fluoline, mirror effects and adapted furniture such as collapsible settees, corner units and electronic products with sensory effects such as music mats and light walls. Please feel free to ask about the options and take up the challenge of combining snoezelen with active light and form effects in various colours.

Completely custom made to your wishes

For each specific problem, there is a solution in the form of variants and/or combinations. A snoezel room can be laid out or changed as a moving and interactive area by using ‘active’ products such as lighting effects, line-lite, a coloured flexible light tube, a bubble-blowing machine, a harmonium, a depth-mirror and a light and sound floor and by positioning mirrors and play forms such as rolls, balls and a ball pool. The choice of which ‘activity’ to offer and which colours and combinations to use must create a balance between activity and relaxation.


Comfortable and safe seatforms

The Handico Furniture is made of Bysonyl with a superior foam rubber quality. In addition to the Bysonyl coverings, these seating and laying products can also be produced in artificial leather (panda). Based on its many years of experience and the knowledge it has accumulated, Handico has also introduced chairs, settees, collapsible settees, collapsible mats and seating groups in rounded forms in addition to the standard straight forms without comprising quality, robustness or appearance. Many types of chairs and settees and sitting and laying combinations are possible – ask about the options.

Practical by extension

Not only is the Handico Furniture suitable for sitting comfortably or playing with, the practical forms of these pieces of furniture also match up perfectly with new extensions to the snoezel and play rooms. Your own idea or design can also be incorporated so that the layout of this furniture can be varied.


Perfectly formed relaxation

Softplay has in recent years gained in popularity and has proved its worth as a concept for safety at play through its safety, durability and colourful appearance. The many alternatives for product and colour combinations make it possible to create fantastic play rooms with steps, mats, rolls, balls, slides, igloos and so on. Everything is safe and soft and is guaranteed to provide a great deal of fun. The idea behind the concept of softplay is that play forms which can be easily and seamlessly integrated in a room and with combinations of products and colours provide optimum pleasure and offer possibilities for safe movement and physiotherapy.